• Legend Night 2018
  • Legend Night 2018
  • Legend Night 2018
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There is going to be a new initiative in Canada. Through the Link Group Inc, Tamil people world wide will gain several forms of service. In 2018, the Link Group Inc, made up of many talented individuals are going to initiate a major event.

Link Group Events, a team apart of the Link Group Inc will be holding this music event on July 29 and 30, bringing together the Asian music community.

From the South Indian film industry, famous stars are participating in this spectacular "Legends Night 2018".

It is a multi-million dollar event, due to its extraordinary location.

It will be held in the world1s 5th largest arena, the Air Canada Center. It will be a special treat for thousands of music fans.

Since this event will be held during the summer vacation, there is hope that many people around the world will attend this event.

The Link Group Inc Marketing will achieve to meet the expectations the public has about the event.

This event will be a platform for all sponsors to sponsor this event and will be able to popularize their businesses.

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